About the project

Wayv is an online and mobile platform for ordering transport by Slovenian sea.

Projects obtained on the basis of the Public Call for the selection of operations for the realization of the objectives of the Local Development Strategy “LAG of Istria” in 2017


Name of the operation

Establishment of an information solution for sea transport between Slovenian cities and tourist attractions


Abbreviated name of the operation

Sea transport


Project partners

  • Emigma d.o.o.
  • Fisheries Domenico Steffe, Arturo Steffe s.p.
  • Izola Tourist Association – TZ Izola, g.i.z.
  • Portorož Tourist Association, G.I.Z., Ente per il turismo Portorose, g.i.e.


Purpose and subject of the operation

The basic purpose of the project idea is to develop transport connections along the Slovenian sea along the coast, which would provide an additional source of income for fishermen, existing sea transport providers and the creation of new tourist itineraries connecting the sea with the interior of Istria. Communication between service providers and requesters will take place through an innovative online application platform, which will create innovative jobs. These are new connections between places, relief of existing traffic flows (roads, garages) and easier and regulated access to protected areas. The Maritime Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (URSP) also plays a role in the project. (national single window). The project idea envisages appropriate education and awareness of potential carriers, promotion of the service on the entire Slovenian coast and promotion of the creation of new tourist itineraries. The project partners of the Portorož and Izola Tourist Board are in charge of promoting the new tourist product and encouraging the creation of new tourist itineraries.


Implementation area

The operation is carried out only in the area of ​​the LAG of Istria, namely in those areas that are covered in the SLR in the financial framework for the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

Operation time

  • Start of operation: 11/1/2018
  • End of operation 31.12.2021
  • End of operation monitoring: 31.12.2026


The value of the operation

  • Value of the operation: EUR 199,823.60 (including VAT)
  • Eligible costs of the operation: EUR 181,732.40
  • Amount of co-financing of the operation: EUR 145,385.92


Financing the operation

The operation is partly funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. The operation is implemented within the framework of the “Operational Program for the Implementation of Cohesion Policy in the 2014-2020 programming period”, the priority axis “Social inclusion and poverty reduction”, the thematic objective “Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty and any discrimination”, investment priorities Investments within the framework of the community-led local development strategy “, the specific objective” Better economic and social inclusion of the community in the LAG area “.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund .

The management of the application and thus the agent in the offer of services is the company Emigma d.o.o. with its registered office in Slovenia at Ankaranska cesta 5c, 6000 Koper. You can contact us at info@emigma.com .