Travel the Slovenian sea with Wayv! Affordable and fun.

Download the Wayv app, choose the time and destination and travel from one point of the Slovenian coast to another alone, with friends or family.

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Obtain a license and offer trips by sea with your boat from various parts of the Slovenian coast.

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More than 20 boarding points along the Slovenian coast where passengers can board or disembark to sail the sea. Ride costs from 2,99 EUR per person!

* The ride price on the offer you receive from the selected carrier is valid for renting the entire boat.
Example: Even if you have submitted a request for transport for 1 person and received an offer for transport with a boat that can carry 6 people, an additional 5 people can be boarded, including you. In this way, you can reduce the cost of transportation per person.


Download the application for Android or iOS, register and order your first trip along the Slovenian coast.

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How does Wayv work?

Wayv is a mobile platform created for the purpose of booking transport across the Slovenian sea. It acts as an intermediary between ride service providers and passengers who want to travel via sea.

The app is free to use, the only expense for the user is the cost of the ride determined by the service provider.

Benefits for passengers

The mobile application is intended for all users who want transport between pre-established points on the Slovenian coast. Passengers are able to:

Choose from more than 20 pick-up points
Choose among more than 30 transport providers
Easily pay for their ride via the app
Visit otherwise hard-to-reach locations
Travel in a fast and affordable way

Benefits for carriers

The application for carriers is intended for vessel owners who want to expand their business by offering sea rides. Providers are able to to:

Accept inquiries through a single mobile platform
Price their transport independently
Determine pick-up times
Add multiple boats and captains
Receive payments through the app

Frequently Asked Questions ...

S strani potnika
S strani prevoznika
We do not operate with a fixed price list. Each carrier sets a custom price for every transport based on the demand made by the passenger, taking into account the variable factors that influence the cost at a given time. Once the passenger submits a request, he/she receives various offers from all the interested available carriers. He then proceeds by choosing the offer that best matches his/her request. If none of the offers received is a suitable match the passenger has no further obligation. There will be no charge to the credit card (which needs to be entered into the system before submitting a request) as any payment is settled only once an offer has been selected and confirmed by the passenger.
Currently, the application does not allow this because it is designed as a transport from point A to point B. It is possible to book transport in advance, so all those who want to return from the selected destination, we recommend that you submit a request for return.
Transport providers are companies and individuals who, in accordance with Slovenian legislation, can offer boat transport for passengers. We regularly check all providers, both in the field of providing an appropriate formal basis, as well as the appropriate training to ensure passenger safety.
There are 19 boarding points available currently. They serve as pick-up and/or drop off points and are distributed along the entire Slovenian coast.
The price of transport for each route and the selected boat is determined by the transport provider itself. If you want to join, fill out and submit the application form .
In order to provide shipping services via the Wayv application, it is necessary to comply with all regulations of Slovenian legislation in the field of passenger transport:
  • registration of activities transport of persons by sea to AJPES;
  • passenger insurance;
  • inspection of the vessel at the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for commercial charter;
  • appropriate formal qualifications as master of the boat.
Everyone who wants to get involved also needs a certificate of suitability issued by Wayv after completing the training. If you want to join, fill out and submit the application form.


My family and I were having a vacation on Slovenian Coast. We booked an apartment in Piran. Since there is always a problem with parking, and the price is very high, we parked in Koper and went to the apartment on a Wayv boat. Transfer and trip all in one. Great!!
Jasna, Slovenia
The sea becomes even more interesting with Wayv. I hope that it will soon be possible to use it in Italy and other countries around the world.
Benedetta, Italy
I never thought traveling by sea could be so easy and affordable. The kindness of the captain on our boat was exceptional!!
Jan Peter, Sweden
By simply entering the system, I supplemented my fishing activity with an afternoon offer of sea transport. Wayve is really like Uber.
Marino, Slovenia

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